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7669 Пневматичен Ексцентършлайф Rodcraft Ф150

Наличност: В наличност
Каталожен №: 767669
7669 Пневматичен Ексцентършлайф Rodcraft Ф150
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7669 Пневматичен Ексцентършлайф Rodcraft Ф150 можете да поръчате на телефон: 0898 42 42 87 или 0888 90 46 91
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Equipped for continuous sanding and long life time

Equipped for use with vacuum cleaner / dust absorption

Easy and less tiring for work with one hand only

Sanding pad - diameter 150 mm, soft rimmed, for velcro or hookit papers, 5/16" male thread, 6 holes for dust absorption,
included with machine as standard accessory

All bearings sealed against dust

Double excenter bearing
extremely robust and long-lasting

Precision air motor - for powerful smooth sanding

Adjustable speed – up to 10 000 rpm (orbital)

Handle - insulated against cold and vibration, broad and smooth for comfortable grip

Lever - broad and round shape, rests in groove with stainless surface towards the operating hand,
in order to increase comfort during continuous use


Socket for connection to vacuum cleaner